Adventures in Sourdough

Well, it’s finished, and I have to say, it came out pretty darn well for a first attempt! Okay, my slashes were a little… limp, and the dough was pretty tough at first, but it came out really well nonetheless. The crust is lovely (I put a pan of cold water in the oven to help it along), and the flavor is just a little bit sour. I actually could make it a little more sour next time, but the result was really good. Ze photos:


The finished product!


The starter. It looks a little creepy.


The dough. I was a little skeptical at this phase.

I followed this recipe. I used up pretty much all of my starter (there was only a tiny bit left), so I pretty much re-started it. I’ll give it at least three days before I’ll assume it’s ready to go.

Now I need a new project! More on that to come.


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